“DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Chapter 14

Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Lily the librarian says that Sonia was not a spoilt rich girl after all. In fact, she seemed to be a different person to everyone who met her.
14:1 Judith Sager sat on a piano stool looking pale. “Body’s at post mortem. Sorry, I’m quite new to this. Haven’t grown the extra epidermis yet”
14:2 Andy sympathised “It never gets easier, we just get better at hiding it. Dreadful thought, but it’s worse when they’re young and beautiful.”
14:3 “Shallow, aren’t we?” mused Lily, “In spite of being so sophisticated. Take Jimbo ‘n Nobs, for instance. Clever, but miss the point really.”
14:4 “The point being?” asked Judith.“That it’s not about TV appearances or foreign tours. It’s about the music… and the people who play it.”
14:5 They looked thoughtfully at the space where Sonia’s body had been. Andy lifted some pill packets and soft drink bottle from the waste bin.
14:6 Under them was a crossword clue in Yuri’s distinctive hand. He read it out loud: “3d. TEMPTING WOMAN FROM MIDDLE EAST JUST BEFORE NIGHTFALL”
14:7 “Never could work out clues. Must be why I became a detective,” Andy grinned. “Evening’s almost over. Must get home. Ta for the tour, Lily”