“DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Chapter 15

Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – A third crossword clue has been discovered which seems to allude to the death of violinist Sonia Said. Detective Andy Hepplethwaite is puzzled.
15:1 Andy and Judith sat in the silent room. “Eve,” she shouted. “A tempting woman is Eve”. “Are you good at crosswords, then?” asked Andy
15:2 “Used to be. Are there any more?” He showed her 2d GERMAN DREAM A NIGHTMARE. “What’s that about, then?” Judith thought for a moment. “Trauma”
15:3 “How’s that?” “German word for dream is traum + a. Simple”. Andy was impressed “Clever girl, aren’t you? I bet you play the violin too”
15:4 “Cello actually but no time theses days. New career and all that. Always wanted to see inside this place but not under these circumstances”
15:5 Andy suspected Jude might prove helpful. “So, these clues. Do you think they mean anything?” “I doubt it. They’re entirely self-referential”
15:6 “They may seem relevant, like the “middle-eastern woman“, but it turns out it’s just the Old Testament. Nothing to do with Sonia at all.”
15:7 “You’d be better off trying to work out whether she took those pills herself or was fed them”, advised Jude starting up the stairs for home.