“DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Chapter 16

Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Police Medic Judith Sager has helped detective Andy Heppthwaite solve the allusive crossword clues, but there are many other aspects of the case he finds puzzling. He still does not know whether he is dealing with a suicide or a murder.
16:1 It was a beautiful morning. Andy H. cycled to Reason Hall with a clear head and a log of all phone calls made from there the previous day.
16:2 By contrast, when OAR assembled, the players were in sombre mood. Time to reflect had made most of them feel implicated in Sonia‘s fate.
16:3 The Scheidt chorale arrangements they were working on did little to lift spirits. “probly +fing i 8” as Rob’s text to girlfriend Jo put it.
16.4 By coffee break, some early Haydn had worked its magic and they were more cheerful. Outward Sound Supremo Jen Singer was determinedly upbeat
16:5 She had arranged mutual massage therapy for the special musicians who delivered her cherished “Out There“ sound in the community programme.
16:6 As usual, massage gave way to therapeutic moaning. “Why they no disable toilet?” asked Viola Scherzo. “Or staff canteen?” added Natalie Katz.
16:7 “Well, we’ll think about those issues later” soothed Jen “but right now I’d like to focus on our “Ten Little Pigs – Music for Mums” project.