“DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Chapter 17

Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – The day after the body of beautiful Palestinian violinist Sonia Said has been discovered at Reason Hall, home to the Orchestra of the Age of Reason, players are rehearsing for a foreign tour and detective Andy Hepplethwaite is trying to gather information about their relationships with Sonia before they leave.
17:1 Andy visited the Out There team discussing post-natal music making: Viola was concerned. “Disable toilet more problem than breastfeeding”
17:2 “Well” suggested Jan “we can resolve these issues: the groundfloor DisAbWC could maybe be converted to a staff kitchen/breastfeeding station..
17:3 …. and a new disabled facility could be created out of the double bass cupboard on the same floor as the rehearsal space. Everyone happy?”
17:4 Measured nodding seemed to pass for happiness at OAR. Andy was impressed by Jen’s diplomatic skills. She would need to be watched carefully.
17:5 “So Jen, when did you last see Sonia?” ”Not for weeks. She’s not on my team. May have passed her on the stairs, I suppose. We weren‘t close”
17:6 “But you had been close in the past?” “Not really. I befriended her when she first arrived, but she soon moved on. Found someone else.”
17:7 “And who would that be?” “I never knew. He wasn’t anything to do with the orchestra. Slightly shady, I think. Rob Simple introduced them.”