Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Beautiful, much desired and much envied Palestinian violinist Sonia Said, the newest recruit to the string section of Norbert Major’s Orchestra of the Age of Reason is unwell.
Chapter 2
2:1 But this popular young woman would turn heads no longer. She was lying dead in a sound-proofed cell where she had spent so many hours alone.
2:2 Natalie Katz found her. The American oboist, looking for a free room to trial some new fingerings, screamed on seeing Sonia’s twisted body.
2:3 Nobody responded: (the sound-proofing was particularly effective), so it was some minutes before Chief Executive James Winter was informed.
2:4 Natalie went to the top floor by lift (an oddly non-urgent choice) then burst into JW’s office emoting “It’s Sonia. She’s killed herself”.
2:5 Jim spoke calmly into the PA system. “There has been an unexpected upset. Please stay in the building until the emergency services arrive.”
2:6 As a precaution, Jim pressed a button marked “Automatic shut-in”. The doors to the outside world locked electronically with a pianissimo click.
2:7 Rob Simple, bassoonist and OAR’s resident comedian texted his girlfriend. “Sorry L8 home. Dildo clsd. Son’s probly locked self in WC again”