Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – There is a lock-in at Reason Hall, rehearsal venue of the Orchestra of the Age of Reason. American oboist Natalie Katz discovered the body of beautiful Palestinian violinist Sonia Said and assumed suicide. CEO Jim Winter is waiting for the paramedics and police to arrive. The players and administrative staff, trapped in the building, are beginning to assess the situation.
3:1 Within minutes, everyone thought they knew why they were trapped in a giant glass vegetable and had a theory to explain Son’s indisposition.
3:2 “Attention grabbing. Expected from a spoilt little vixen”. Bitter violinist Mary Anne Nicol had lost her prized 2nd desk to the more decorative Sonia.
3:3 Barny Quinn was more sympathetic. “I wondered why she wasn’t at rehearsal and assumed that she was off-colour … or working at her Bach again.”
3:4 “Wouldn’t need to need to work at it … if she’d learnt to play properly in the first place”, opined Mary Anne between bites of chocolate.
3.5 “Ah, the bed doesn’t make itself”. Gay bassist Yuri Jones communicated exclusively in enigmatic aphorisms and cryptic crossword clues.
3:6 Trinidadian horn player Charity Constance seized on the innuendo. “Maybe cubby-holed with Jen, our esteemed music-in-the-community supremo”
3:7 “Oh, ****.“ groaned DillTech’s PR guru Lucy Merill, trapped in conference with the orchestra’s Head of Marketing, Mat Noir. “More bad press”