Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – It seems that not all of the musicians in the Orchestra of the Age of Reason were well disposed to the recently deceased Sonia Said. Personal rivalries, artistic differences and scandal-mongering gossip flourished as normal whilst everyone thought that the young violinist had simply gone missing, but the tone changes as they assess the seriousness of the situation.
Chapter 4
4:1 Opinions amongst her shocked colleagues were hastily revised when news filtered through that Sonia was not temporarily indisposed, but dead.
4:2 “Poor girl. So fragile. So far from her family“, emoted a tearful Mary Anne unwrapping a sweet, “I thought I heard an ambulance outside.”
4:3 “Or police. They’ll be involved now. I hope nobody had a grudge against Son“, declaimed Nobs Major pointing his baton at Charity Constance.
4:4 “She had one against me. Calling Daddy moaning about being treated as a sex object instead of a serious artist” blared trumpeter Mark Dicks.
4:5 Viola Scherzo, stranded mid-orchestra in a wheelchair, pondered Yuri’s scribbled crossword clue: 1d RED RUM RUNS BACKWARDS. IT’S A CRIME
4:6 Rob Simple to girlfriend Jo again: “Sorry, 2 b = L8er. Sms lk Son’s killed self. Devst8d. B& @ 6s & 7s. Guilt x n. Let Dave know. XXX R.”
4:7 But DillTech’s PR Lucy Merill, could still not see beyond tomorrow‘s headlines. “Oh ******* ****””, she expanded, “Even worse press”.