Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Several of the orchestral players have already revealed reasons for having a grudge against the deceased Sonia. A picture emerged of a fragile, talented young woman living away from the support of her family, who might well feel alienated enough to consider taking her own life.
Chapter 5
5:1 Police cars and ambulances cordoned off Reason Hall, turning it into a crime scene. CID officer Andrew Hepplethwaite began to ask questions.
5:2 Upstairs, answers were politely short. “No, Sonia wasn’t a drug user” “Yes, she could be volatile” “No, she wasn’t in financial difficulty”
5:3 Downstairs, they were less careful. “Nobody does this job without occasional chemical assistance” was Charity‘s contribution to the debate.
5:4 “Volatile, did they say? Is that what the Politically Correct brigade call mentally unstable?” Mark Dicks was riding a favourite hobby horse.
5:5 Mary Anne thought money problems were unlikely, “With her parentage? Did you see the clothes she wore? Try buying those on our salary.”
5:6 “Thank you all for your assistance. We’ll try not to detain you any longer than strictly necessary”. Andy H wanted to keep everyone calm.
5:7 “I think you dropped this”, the CID officer retrieved a piece of paper from under Viola’s wheelchair. On it was written one word – MURDER