Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Detective Andy Heppelthwaite has begun questioning the OAR players and other people held in the building. He has also discovered the word “MURDER” written on a discarded piece of paper.
Chapter 6
6:1 “It just answer to crossword clue”, protested petite Vla. “Yuri make them to help my English while Nobby fine tune wind – it take long time”
6:2 Lucy Merill was writing a damage-limitation press release. “Like the glass hall in which it rehearses, OAR is committed to transparency…“
6:3 Local MP George North stood over Luce, dripping coffee on her expensive shoulder pads “It should read METROTON’S OWN COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA”
6:4 “But Reason Orchestra is a band of elite artists, not a bunch of amateur musicians” objected marketeer Matt Noir. “I can’t sell that”.
6:5 “Your problem Matty. I built my political career promoting this project for local people“ said North. “Community Orchestra stays, or you go”
6:6 “Where the **** is Metroton?” shot LM at his departing bulk. “We’re rebranding the town Luce. City sophistication meets Anglo-Saxon passion”
6:7 Meanwhile, in the basement, police locum MO Judith Sager has noticed some unexpected bruises on Sonia’s arms. CID’s Andy H has been called.