Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Sonia’s death has turned all the players in the Orchestra of the Age of Reason into potential conspiracy-to-murder suspects. Members of the management team are under investigation too.
Chapter 8
8:1 Luce Merill was depressed. “I’ve managed to make our liaison with this precious **** band a good news story for 5 years. Now this happens”
8:2 “So you wouldn’t want any disagreement between orchestra and management to become public knowledge?” probed CID’s Andy Hepplethwaite.
8:3 “That’s our job. Keeping **** like that out of the public domain“.
“And we’d rather have a live liability than a dead one” added Matt Noir.
8:4 JW clarified “At first Son was an asset: mainly because she was NOT white, middle-class and aged like the rest of us, then she started to….”
8:5 “Trouble just followed her around like a bad smell”, interrupted Penelope Cash, Jim Winter’s long-serving and devoted personal secretary.
8:6 “Really?“ AH loved interviewees doing his job for him. “How exactly?” Penny would know everything that passed in Reason Hall. PAs always did
8:7 Downstairs, Rob to Jo:“Un42n8. Seems Son murdered. Bruises. Where we stopped her jumping off bridge last night? Should I mention it to CID?”