Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – The management team of the Orchestra of the Age of Reason are concerned about their carefully nurtured image being damaged by Sonia’s death, but CEO Jim Winter’s PA, Penelope Cash has suggested that the beautiful young violinist was something of a PR disaster when alive too.
Chapter 9
9:1 Upstairs, PA Penny was in full swing: “Yes. Trouble. She’d no sooner arrived than Jen Singer and Connie fell out. Lesbians, you see.”
9:2 “Then lots of the men tried it on with her, even the married ones, and got nowhere (boyfriend back home, apparently) so they started bickering”
9:3 “But she was nice to everyone.They liked talking to her. All the old scandal came out, like the Slovenian sex-offenders Brass Ensemble…..”
9:4 “Excuse me?” Andy Heppthwaite was a good listener, and didn’t often interrupt, but some things required clarification. “Sex-offenders br…”
9:5 “… the box office debacle, the foreign TV rights cock-up…” Penny had been harbouring secrets for years, and she was not going to stop now.
9:6 “…cronyism, sinecures, nepotism… more like a medieval palatinate than a modern state-funded institution. Sonia had a nose for intrigue.”
9:7 “Mark Dicks reckons she’s an Israeli spy. I don’t think he has a firm grasp of ethnic tensions in the Middle East, or of anything else, really”