CVO6 – The Performance

17th April 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Lorna Wright

Join us for the premiere of Cobweb Virtual Orchestra 6 where Mozart was performed live on Zoom

Yes, this really happened! In an attempt to play together during lockdown, we played through the Overture to The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart altogether on Zoom. This is what happened… …and the technical bits… we all played to a click-track backing version of the piece played live over Zoom. Our individual performances were recorded on our phones or tablet. The individual performances were then pieced back together to create the track you hear. The video was recorded live while the cut-aways were recorded as 5 second silent clips earlier in the meeting. So technically what you hear is the sound of all of us playing together for the first time in a year. Sort of. So, headphones on for the full online meeting experience.