New World Symphony Study Day

25th July 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Pineapple Black Arts venue
Hill Street Centre
Lorna Wright

We’ve found a fantastic new space in Middlesbrough and it’s huge – so we thought, the work needs to be huge! We hope, very much, that restrictions will not be needed at this event, so we’re welcoming all of you to join us in working on Dvorak’s New World Symphony No.9. The venue is a new arts centre, and we’d love you to help Andy and try it out.

You can have a look at your part in advance by downloading the music here:,_Op.95_(Dvo%C5%99%C3%A1k,_Anton%C3%ADn)

We still need to know who is coming in advance so please do sign up as soon as possible so we know we’ve got a viable orchestra attending.

To enrol, please click here


Cobweb Orchestra Events
Players Checklist

Legally binding restrictions on our activities have been lifted, but we must continue to take precautions against spreading the virus so that our members feel safe, and to protect the reputation of the Cobweb Orchestra. Please read the guidelines below and commit to following them when you attend an event. Your name, address and phone number will be held by the Cobweb Orchestra for 21 days after the event, and will be shared with the Trustees of the venue if, and only if, they need them for test and trace purposes.

1. Do not attend if you have Covid-19 symptoms (fever, persistent cough, loss of taste/smell), you are self-isolating for any reason, you have been in recent contact with a case, or you are waiting for a test result.
2. If you have been sent a link to download music in advance, please print it and bring it with you.
3. Bring your own food, drink, cup, music, pencil and music stand. If possible, avoid sharing music or other equipment with other people, and use hand sanitiser if you do.
4. Arrive in good time to allow safe set up of the orchestra.
5. It is much better to socialise outdoors than indoors. Queue sensibly when entering the building, and minimise social contact once you are inside.
6. Social distancing of 2m remains mandatory except where 2 or more people agree to stand or sit closer together. You MUST respect another person’s wish to remain 2m from you.
7. You are very strongly urged to wear a face-covering at all times indoors except when playing, eating or drinking. You may need more than one mask, and a plastic bag in which to store them. Paper masks are better tolerated than cloth ones.
8. Please bring hand-sanitiser and use it often.
9. Remain in your seat throughout the rehearsal, other than to use the toilets or to leave for a mandatory rehearsal break.
10. There may be rules in place regarding the use of toilets. Even if not, please take particular care when queueing for, and using, the toilets.
11. There will be breaks on playing during which doors and windows in the rehearsal room will be open to aid ventilation. During breaks, you must leave the room. Usually you will need to
go outside, so please be prepared for this and dress accordingly. You may be allowed to stay indoors if there is adequate space in the venue.
12. If possible, keep all your personal belongings next to your seat.
13. Wind/brass players please bring paper or fabric towels to collect drips, and a plastic bag to seal these in and take away at the end. Ideally, something to wipe area afterwards too.
14. Avoid chatting or other noise while the conductor is speaking.