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Cobweb Orchestra in Brighton @ Bishop Hannington Church,
Oct 5 all-day

Yes, that’s Brighton near Hove on the Sussex Riviera, and this is how it’s come about:

Many Cobweb players know Stephanie Cant (pianist, cellist, composer, conductor) who has always been a tremendous supporter of our orchestra. Stephanie now lives in Brighton where there is a lot of orchestral activity, but nothing like Cobwebs and she would like players in the area to experience a Cobweb-style open access event.
As she writes: “Here is a chance to demonstrate the vitality and originality of Cobwebs within a conurbation of over 273,000 people!”. She also mentions the “warmth and generosity” of the community at Bishop Hannington Church, Hove, where the event would be hosted.
For this to work well, it would be good to have a group of regular Cobweb players who fancy a trip to the South coast to form the nucleus of an orchestra. They would then be joined by local players, hopefully enough to have a go at Mahler’s Symphony no. 1 in a study day with a low-key public presentation to finish.

When we’ve held events like this in the past (not for a long time now) players have often combined the trip with visiting friends and relatives or having a holiday.

Now is the time to contact Christine ( who is coordinating the event from up here, or Stephanie ( who lives in Brighton and will be advising on travel, accommodation

and other details from down there.

More details to follow.

Cobweb Orchestra Autumn Residential at Shepherd’s Dene @ Shepherd's Dene
Nov 30 @ 10:00 am – Dec 1 @ 4:00 pm

More info to follow.

Sedbergh Residential Weekend @ Sedbergh School
Apr 3 – Apr 5 all-day

The ever-popular mix of big orchestral works, unexpected musical encounters and fun. For further information, contact Christine Ball (