#46 Hello from me….

from Newsletter 46
Catherine Shackell
Dear Cobwebbers,
As many of you know, Liz is retiring after many years dedicated work as administrator for Cobwebs, and I shall be taking over the role in September (well, the 29th August at the Hand-Over Party in Dipton to be precise). Some of you already know me as Catherine Holbrook, but I thought I’d go and do something nice and confusing, like get married and change my name, and am now Catherine Shackell.  So now everyone’s equally muddled; Andy’s asked me to tell you a little bit about myself so here goes:
Cobwebs has changed so much since I first trudged through the door of Cobwebs with my bassoon on my back 14 years ago. There was just the one group, in Annfield Plain, and a handful of study days scattered throughout the year. 4 years after that my musical studies brought me down to York, but I managed to stay in touch with Cobwebs through composing and arranging for the group of which I had grown so fond. When I eventually emerged from University as a professional musician I found that Cobwebs had grown somewhat and was on the brink of going independent. I was delighted when in 2008 Andy asked me to set up a group in York. The York group has been running for two and a half years now, we have played some fantastic music and eaten a healthy variety of cake and biscuits.  As I prepare to take on my new role of administrator for the orchestra there are 7 regular groups with a new group ready and waiting to start in Spennymoor, and multiple events running most weekends. I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for us in the next few years…  One thing’s for sure though, with Cobwebs it won’t be boring!
I know Andy and Liz have planned a great term of events for the Autumn and I’m very much looking forward to preparing for them with you all. You’ll be hearing from me again in a few weeks with more information about each of the events as they approach, but in the meantime do have a quick squiz at the events list and get some dates in your diary.
Until next time
Catherine Shackell nee Holbrook

Posted by Catherine Shackell