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Well done to those of you who were there yesterday in Wylam for the second of our ‘Month of Symphonies’ with Mark Edwards. It was a challenging work and I thought we all did really well! Thanks to Mark for leading us through and being patient!

In this weeks Cobweb News:
– Month of Symphonies
– Anyone Can be a Soloist – 10th February!
– How is our musical experience associated with cognitive ability in later life?

Month of Symphonies – 2 left! 
Saturday 20th January, 11-4pm, Summerhill Pavillion
Patrick Burnett – Brahms Symphony No. 2

We will enjoy a shared lunch at this event, please feel free to contribute.
The music can be found here:,_Op.73_(Brahms,_Johannes)
 –  It would be great to have more string players generally for this one, but would welcome players from all sections!

Sunday 28th January, 2-6pm, Haxby Memorial Hall
Jonathan Bloxham – Neilsen Symphony No. 2

Why not come and try this symphony? It’s a bit different, but we think you’ll love it! If you’d like to get a feel for it – this is a fab recording: 

As this is a work which may be unfamiliar, you might like to download your own part and have a look at it beforehand from,_Op.16_(Nielsen,_Carl)
It would be really helpful if you could let me know if you intend doing that so that we know how many extra parts we need to provide on the day.

Anyone Can be a Soloist – 10th February! 
St. John’s Methodist Church, Whitley Bay, NE26 3ND
Pay What You Think It’s Worth

All welcome! 

The extremely exciting and varied programme for the day will include:
Weber Clarinet Concerto,
Mozart “Andante in C” for flute and orchestra,
‘La Mer’,
Faure Elegy for cello and orchestra,
Mozart Clarinet Concerto,
Mozart Piano concertos and some exciting new compositions!

Please come and support these soloists in what looks to be a brilliant day in Whitley Bay.
We will enjoy a shared lunch on this day so please do contribute if you would like to join us.

Even though there’s no enrolment form as such, please let us know if you’re coming as soon as possible because we are having to provide a huge number of parts (9 pieces with between 8 and 15 parts per piece) and need to know how many of each instrumental part we need in advance – time is very tight on these days and we don’t want to lose any trying to produce extra parts! Thank you!

– How is our musical experience associated with cognitive ability in later life?
Here is a message from Ryan Grey, who comes from Prudhoe and is studying psychology at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh.
“If you are aged 60 and over and are interested in how playing a musical instrument has influenced the function of your brain in later life, please take part in this study. It will take approximately half an hour and will consist of a short interview about your musical experience, followed by a short series of thinking skills tasks. These will test the likes of attention, spatial awareness and memory. The aim of the study is to find whether there is a difference in cognitive ability between musicians and non-musicians, and could possibly further research into lifestyle factors and the relationship with the ageing brain. I hope this interests you and you would like to take part! If so, please contact

That’s all for this week, I look forward to seeing many of you at Summerhill on Saturday!

Best wishes,
Event Coordinator, Cobweb Orchestra

Posted by Lorna Wright