Musical Book Club

The Musical Book Club is happening again tomorrow. There’s still plenty of space so it’s not too late to join. This event is open to ALL players, not just members or those who joined last time. Our intention is to keep giving people the opportunity to keep playing, remember you will be on mute so no one has to hear you so please don’t feel self-conscious!

Cobweb Musical Book Club 
Thursday 28th May, 6 pm-6.45 pm
Mozart – The Marriage of Figaro Overture
£4 Members, £5 Non Members

The book club this week will be slightly different as we are going to try and play! We’ll start the session prompt and each of us will play our own part, on mute. We will then have a discussion about the piece, and what might have gone well, or not well in your parts. With a bit of guidance, we’ll then play through the piece again.

The piece this week is everyone’s favourite overture the Marriage of Figaro Overture, which you can find a score and your parts for by clicking here

For more information, and to enrol, please click here.

Posted by Tracy Reed