Not-the-Cobweb News No.2

Dear all
Well, I suppose I should have guessed that Cobwebs would be full of crossword/sudoku lovers who enjoy nothing more than curling up with a sheet of figures and trying to work out what they mean.
Thanks for all your comments about my foray into statistics in the last Not-the CN. I’m glad that you seemed to enjoy the information and speculation. My theory that “the larger the pool of players, the less commitment by individuals” was confirmed by one letter in particular. Dermot attends two groups, and thinks of them differently.
“I feel a strong call of duty as the only viola in the Morpeth group: not only do I have to turn up, but I have to get my part right. At the Sage, I turn up except when I really can’t, but I’m less alert…….. because there are three or four others playing.”
The last few weeks have been breathless – there has been a Cobweb event (sometimes 2) on every weekend in 2014, and here we are more than 1/10th of the way through the year before we can take stock.
As so many of you seem to enjoy the crunched numbers, here they are.
Weekend events 2014 so far:
No of events.8
Total number of participants: 365
Average attendance: 45.6
Total number of different players who took part: 195
So, we know that our weekend programme so far this year has been a success in terms of people turning up, and therefore is financially viable. It also seems that, at 23.4% the ratio of average attendance to the pool of players is lower than for most of our weekday sessions. This may reflect the geographical spread of activities and/or that people don’t feel as committed to one-off events as they do to a weekly group.
That’s the quantities. For the qualities of Cobweb events, I rely on what you tell me. I know from comments and e-mails that many people really enjoyed this Winters’ activities. However, I don’t know if everyone enjoyed themselves, or if anyone had reservations about any of the events, or thought that some aspects could have been better/different.
Statistics don’t really tell us that, so if you have any thoughts about our programme, please collar me when you see me, or drop me a line.
I intend enjoying the (rare) weekend without a Cobweb event to attend and hope that you do too.
There will soon be lots of news to follow about events in March.

Posted by Andy Jackson