Not-the-Cobweb News No.3

Dear all
This should be my last NTCN for a while as Sue will be back from her travels next week and will, no doubt, keep you up-to-date in the normal way.
It’s been good being directly in touch with so many of you over the last little while, and many thanks for all your thoughts and comments (still almost nothing negative, so we’re probably doing most things right)
One of the words that keeps cropping up in communications is “friendly”. It seems that it’s something that Cobwebs does well – making people feel welcome and valued. This appears to be the case at weekly meetings and at study days and across all sections of the orchestra. Even audience members use the word to describe our concerts, though this could be that they can’t think of any words to describe the music we play, or the way we play it, so decide to comment on the ambience instead.
Regardless of the reasons, it makes me very happy to be in charge of a friendly organisation and hope that it will always be the case.
On another topic, I thought that before I sign off, I’d mention a new initiative which a small group of us have been working on for the last few months: Under the working title of “The Underground Orchestra”, we’re exploring interesting performance opportunities in unusual venues such as mines, quarries, bunkers, tunnels, etc. and devising programmes, including new compositions, which might work well in a subterranean setting.
If anybody has any thoughts about places, repertoire, of anything else that might become part of the project, please get in touch.
One last thing. Cobwebs hasn’t created any opportunities for new conductors recently. In the past, we have given people the chance to get up in front of the Guinea Pig Orchestra, or the massed forces of a residential weekend and try to impose order. A few years ago, we even ran a course for conductors.
Are there any players out there who would like to try their hand with a baton? As a one off, or to spend more time developing your skills? Again, let me know.
I’ll look forward to seeing lots of you at forthcoming events such as the Sedbergh residential weekend and the Easter Monday BIG PLAY in Middlesbrough.
Until then , best wishes.

Posted by Andy Jackson