Sedberg Happenings

The Cobweb’s an orchestra that defies time and space
Through email and internet it appears place to place
It’s players are varied both in age and in skills
As they tackle great works in search of cheap thrills
The conductor is Andy who waves a white stick
He helps us much more than a metronome’s tick
And there’s Lorna who keeps order and sends us the news
When her smile asks for money you just can’t refuse
Don’t forget dear Anita who planned this weekend
Answering dozens of questions that could drive round the bend
There’s a library of music they keep tidy and neat
With all comings and goings now that’s quite a feat
And here we have Sheila with fine teas and cake
For the talents of Cobwebs include several who bake
The whole thing is magic, an amazing creation
It’s fuelled by your energy with no help from the Nation.
William Sutherland

Posted by Lorna Wright