Spring Residential at Sedbergh School, 3-5 April 2020

Spring Residential at Sedbergh School


This will be our 14th Sedbergh Residential Weekend which is the Cobweb Orchestra’s biggest event of the year.  Traditionally, it is full of orchestral playing but people still find time to eat, socialise and squeeze in the odd bit of ensemble playing. There is always an interesting and extensive repertoire to work at during the weekend with a variety of tutors and special guests to ensure we get the most out of the chosen pieces. We change and refine the timetable within the basic pattern every year so each weekend is unique, but our aim of playing as much orchestral music as we can in a limited time to the very best of our ability remains.

Accommodation at Sedbergh is in one of the boarding houses with plenty of single or shared rooms available. You can choose to be a resident with all meals provided or a non-resident with some or no meals. This year we have the option of use of a larger dining room, so can accommodate all those who wish to take meals whether they are resident or not.

Prices are still to be confirmed and we are hoping to provide online booking.

If you would like to have more information about the Sedbergh Residential please do get in touch by email christine.ball1208@live.co.uk or by telephone 07905684537.

Posted by Tracy Reed