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Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Everyone in Reason Hall had assumed that glamorous violinist Sonia Said had committed suicide until the police medical officer discovered unusual bruising on her arms.
Chapter 7
7:1 “So A pinned her down while B fed her pills”, surmised Andy. “That makes it murder AND conspiracy. Nobody’s leaving ‘til I get some answers.”
7:2 Yuri handed Viola another clue: 1a WHY DO IT? UNFINISHED MOVEMENT WITH SMALL TIMPANI IN THE MIDDLE. “Stockhausen or Strauss?” she wondered.
7.3 Andy questioned CEO Jim Winter first, “Motive? Take your pick. Everyone has a reason to resent their colleagues in a hothouse like this.”
7:4 “Personal and professional jealousy is the lifeblood of the orchestra” expanded conductor Nobs Major “You’ll have no shortage of suspects.”
7:5 After 3 hours of quizzing orchestra and staff members, Andy ordered placatory food for all, opened his notebook and jotted some thoughts.
7:6 WHY THEY ALL HATE SONIA? Nicol-lost status. Singer-jilted. Constance-jealous. Dicks-humiliated. Katz-liked her, delayed raising alarm. Why?
7:7 Management-image-driven recruitment policy. Photo op v. artistic merit. Was she going to press with this? Hardly a reason to kill poor girl.

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