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“DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Chapter 10

Previously in “DEAFEN THE MAIDEN” – Secretary Penny Cash has been revealing some uncomfortable truths about OAR, and she’s only just begun…
Chapter 10
10:1 JW, Matt, Lucy and George North were in shocked silence. They’d never paid Penny much attention before… and she was enjoying it.
10:2 “Information just found its way to Sonia. She knew about faked blind auditions, public money wasted on pet projects with no artistic merit“.
10:3 “Within weeks of being here, she was telling me about bribes and backhanders from years ago that even I didn’t know about”.
10:4 “Like building contracts going to friends of George here…” North started to object “That was completely unproven, I was cleared of ….”
10:5 “Of course, nothing can ever be proved“, Penny continued. “We’re the region’s cultural beacon. Everything has to be clean and shiny”
10:6 Downstairs, Yuri dropped Reason Hall’s glossy brochure dismissively, “When did people start having lifestyles instead of lives?”
10:7 He passed 2d to Viola – GERMAN DREAM A NIGHTMARE. “Schumann?” she wondered. “Sonia” mused Mary Ann sucking a mint. “Poor traumatised child”

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