The hand-over party – comments by Liz and Helen

I just wanted to say thank you again to all of you who came to the party last night and made it such fun. I had a wonderful time. And I wanted to thank everyone for your generosity; my garden will grow more beautiful with the trees I can choose using the voucher you gave me, and I will be much more beautiful (perhaps? – I guess even that won’t make any difference!) with my new bracelet. That’s what was in the parcel you gave me. I shall wear it at Cobwebs so you can all see how lovely it is.
I’m looking forward to playing more and administering less, so you double bass players can breathe a sigh of relief, stop clutching your basses in case I trip over them as I squeeze past. and enjoy yourselves too!
Thank you again for everything!
I also had a wonderful time yesterday. Thank you all for being such supportive and able guinea pigs for my compositions. The playing was excellent. John and I both really enjoyed listening to it all. Looking forward to hearing the recording too!!
it will be lovely to have Liz playing with us more now, although I will be in the horn section and had better get the mouthpiece out and the fingering chart as I haven’t played all summer. Now how did that happen???
Last but not least, a huge big THANK YOU to Andy for all his support and encouragement during my composing era.
Oh, and John also enjoyed the evening which made it even more special for me.