York Cobwebs Cancelled – 2nd Dec 2010

Dear York Cobwebbers,
The York Cobwebs group is cancelled this evening (2nd December) due to ermmm…. well…. I’ll leave that to your fine deductive skills.
Fingers crossed we’re back on next week (9th) and the following week (16th) which will be the last session before Christmas and thus our mince pie special.
In the meantime, a few people have asked me for a list of some of the bigger works we’ve played in the York group over the past couple of years so they can listen and reminisce. This seems like the perfect opportunity, so here we go in no particular order. Happy listening!
Mozart “Haffner” Symphony 35
Schubert Symphony 5
Boyce (Symphony 2 I think)
Mozart “Impressario” Overture
Handel’s Water Music
Haydn “Clock” Symphony 101
Purcell Abdelazer Suite
Beethoven Symphony 2
Haydn Symphony 93 – first of the London Symphonies
Beethoven Symphony 1
Warlock Capriol Suite
Elgar Minuet for small orchestra (not exactly a big work, but it is lovely)
Warmest wishes & hope to see you next week

Posted by Catherine Shackell